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Your local retailer can provide advice, inspiration, and community you're not likely to find a substitute for in the big box stores or online.  Hoffman Distributors, a needlework wholesaler web site has a shop finder which will help you locate the nearest shops.   

Needlework Internet Resource Lists

Web Needlework Resource Lists

Since our first resource list appeared on the web n the late 90's, many more resources and lists have appeared on the web.  Since ours was becoming quickly stale, we'll point you to a sampling which we've come across.





Repetitive pattern, geometric pattern, and color design and design theory books.

Designing or incorporating decorative stitches can be inspired by nature, art, mathematics, emotion and many other areas we experience. Many centuries of application of decorative ornament have provided examples and documentation we can continue to explore and use for inspiration. Click on Book titles to see GoogleBooks entries.

Decorative Pattern Theory Books

Color Theory Books

Needlework Organizations

Needlework Organizations

Needlework organizations offer education, socializing with folks with similar interests, discounts in many retail establishments, and access to recent news and developments.

"EGA is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the study and preservation of the art of embroidery. Membership is open to anyone interested in needlework, from the beginner to the professional. Members work within local chapters or a member-at-large network to improve their skills and knowledge. Numerous opportunities are available to learn embroidery and needlework techniques, including chapter meetings, workshops, correspondence courses, certification programs, and national and regional seminars. In addition, we offer free projects, a youth program, a quarterly magazine, and national traveling exhibits."

"The American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. (ANG) is an educational, non-profit organization whose purpose is educational and cultural development through participation in and encouragement of interest in the art of needlepoint."

"The Cross Stitch Guild was formed by well known designer/author Jane Greenoff in March 1996. It quickly became a worldwide organisation with a committed and enthusiastic body of members.

The CSG deals with cross stitch and all other forms of counted embroidery, such as Hardanger and canvas work."

"Organization to share opportunities for discovery and creativity in embroidery. Workshops, other activities, library, branches."

"…a national non-profit educational organization whose purpose is to have a fellowship of persons who enjoy needlework and wish to learn and share their knowledge; and thereby to work towards maintaining higher standards of design, colour and workmanship. Our aim is to preserve traditional techniques and promote new challenges in the Art of Embroidery through education and networking."

"The National NeedleArts Association advances its community of professional businesses by encouraging the passion for needlearts through education, industry knowledge exchange and a strong marketplace."

"Its goal is to uphold the highest standards in the needlearts by providing excellence in education to all those interested in furthering their embroidery skills as teachers, judges, artists, designers, authors, and technically proficient embroiderers."

"The National Embroidery Teachers Association is an organization open to all teachers, active or retired, and to prospective teachers of embroidery and other textile arts."